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What you need:
1 Computer
1 Website with a cute picture of a cat or dog

Open your browser. (You don't use I.E., right?). In the address bar, type:


Click on the button that says "Sign Up" (if you already have an account, you can just log in). On the next page, enter your name, email address, and a username. (Helpful tip: Your username should be pretty close to your actual name. Nobody respects @NickelbackFan1.) Then choose a password, fill out the Captcha box, and hit "Sign up."

Now we are ready to compose a tweet. Find the icon with a pencil in it and click on it.

In a new browser window, go to the website with the photo of the cute cat or dog you've chosen. Click in the address bar, highlight the entire line, and click Edit > Copy. Go back to the window with your tweet. Now, we write. Try starting with something like this:

Hey, check out this (adjective) (cat or dog) I just saw on (website title*) .

*On the internet, there are Good Guys and Bad Guys. Good Guys credit their sources. You want to be a Good Guy, right?

That's a good start, but we're not done yet. If you want to connect with others, you'll want to use a hashtag somewhere in there. This allows anybody who uses the same hashtag to see what you've posted. Friendship ensues. So let's add a hashtag to our tweet:

Hey, check out this (adjective) (cat or dog) I just saw on (website title) . #(one-word description of the feeling evoked by your cute cat/dog here) .

Almost there. Now, we just paste the link in place after your hashtag (Edit > Paste).

Congratulations, you've composed your first tweet.


Click the "Tweet" button to post.


Tweets must be under 140 characters, including spaces, punctuation, and other characters (hashtags, too!), so try to be concise.